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Roger Dean Olden

Roger is a freelance UX designer who studied at Hyper Island before he went to join a startup in Oslo, Norway. After a couple of years in Oslo he just moved back to his home town Malmö. Besides working as a designer, Roger is passionate about electronic music and is also about to open the first co-living space in Skåne called Lighthouse Co-living. Read more about the project at 

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Olivia Perez

Originally from Mexico, Olivia worked for six years in Switzerland as a sustainability engineer before she came to Malmö. Today she is combining her two passions, yoga and surfing, working as a yoga teacher and travelling the world in search for the best waves. Follow her adventures on her blog or on Instagram @omwaveyoga and @trawave.

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Spencer walle

Spencer is half American, half French and living in Malmö since last year. You will mostly find him deeply concentrated deciphering Japanese and German to English but from time to time he will shine up and ask if you knew about this new rap duo from Iceland. If Spencer is a hard working man, his dog Babe should rather be described as hardly working. But very cute and very charming! He will most likely be found showing up in our Instagram stories feed.


Julia Lyko

Julia is a photographer and graphic designer posting amazing lettering artwork on her Instagram account @jullia_lyko. She is also doing a great job providing the pictures for our social media and website. Our house dog Viktor #boxspaceviktor has found a new beloved friend in Julia and that is not only because he associates the sound of her camera with candy. Originally coming from the beautiful Lviv in western Ukraine, Julia found her path to Malmö three years ago.


Georg Åhrström

Georg is full of positive energy, talent and creativity. Give him a laptop and some really strong coffee (we talking about ”riktigt jävla arbetarkaffe” as we say in Swedish) and he will create visual magic no matter if it’s a product mockup, 3D landscape rendering or a new company logo. Besides this, he is the co-founder of the creative agency Guerilla Collective


Käthe Nilsson and Anna Matkovich

Entrepreneurs and bloggers Käthe and Anna are the founders of the network Sweden Influencers.

With a background as a blogger, ecommerce entrepreneur, networker and biochemist (!) Käthe runs the company Mediaklar. She also holds a number of online services such as, a guide to all subscription boxes available online.

Anna Matkovich is an entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger sharing her everyday life on focusing on styling and fashion, interior design and healthy living.

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Martin Ericson

The founder of Box Space and the merchandise company Unistore also has a background as a freelance brand manager for the car brands Citroën and DS Automobiles.

Growing up in Brazil, Switzerland, France and Sweden made Martin enjoy discovering new places, cultures and people. But it also has made him feel a little lost sometimes, not having a simple answer to the rather common question ”Where are you from?”. ”I came to Malmö three years ago and I’ve kind of made it my new hometown. It takes me 4 minutes by bike to get to the office, my dog Viktor loves the beach and Copenhagen airport is just 20 minutes away.” He adds, ”I love listening to people’s stories why they moved here and why they like it. Like yesterday when this american guy visited the co-working space. He told me that he and his girlfriend had just moved to Malmö after having compared it to cities like Verona, Porto and Berlin. Those are not easy ones to compete with!”

By founding Box Space, Martin wanted to create a place for people with different backgrounds to connect, socialize and belong. Whether they want a place to work everyday or just from time to time.


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