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Meet the founder


Martin Ericson

Martin operates as a freelancer and entrepreneur with brand management services in focus. Growing up in Brazil, Switzerland, France and Sweden made Martin enjoy discovering new places, cultures and people. But it also has made him feel a little lost sometimes, not having a simple answer to the rather common question ”Where are you from?”.

”I came to Malmö five years ago and I’ve made it my new hometown. It takes me 4 minutes by bike to get to the office, my dog Viktor loves the beach and Copenhagen airport is just 20 minutes away. I love listening to people’s stories about why they moved here and why they like it. Yesterday an american guy told me that he and his girlfriend had just moved to Malmö after having compared it to cities like Verona, Porto and Berlin. Those are not easy ones to compete with!”

By founding Box Space, Martin wanted to create a place for people with different backgrounds to connect, socialize and belong. Whether they want a place to work everyday or just from time to time.


Join us!  

Meet our members and have look at our co-working space.