Making it fun to work overtime

We all have periods of heavy workload. "Overtime" is our initiative to make working after five o’clock more fun! Once a month we gather to get our work finished in good company. We order pizza, lower the lights and put on some loungy tunes to give you the energy boost you need to get that last bit of work done.

Working late is often associated with negative vibes: everybody already went home while you have to stay at the office all alone to finish your stuff.. However, we think that working after five o’clock could and should be fun! That is why we started this social co-working concept that we call ”Overtime”.

Let’s ask Martin Ericson, founder of Box Space, to tell us more:

How did you come up with this idea?

I got this idea when I was in London visiting my sister. On the Thursday night we went to this super hip hotel lounge to have some gin tonics. Thanks to the atmosphere, the music and the people the whole place was radiated by positive energy. To my surprise, I noticed this group of people sitting down at a long table, sipping on a drink but their eyes fixed on their laptops. And that’s when I got it. Of course! Why isolate yourself in an empty office or at home when you can enjoy your work in an inspiring place with other people who enjoy their work?

So, what’s the setup? How does it work?

The concept is pretty simple: after five we will transform Box Space by lowering the lighting, raising the volume from the speakers, popping a beer (or other beverage of choice) in good company of your co-workers and friends. With this energy boost you now have the inspiration to go on working!

What’s the difference between ”Overtime” and a so called ”Afterwork”?

Obviously, this is not an ”Afterwork”. If you prefer working hard, or hardly working, is totally up to you. But this is a night to enjoy your workplace. Finish those emails you promised your customer about, make your online research for the article you want to write, google for sunset stock photos for your LinkedIn cover. Or why not enjoy playing PS4 (aka ”conference call”) in the meeting room!


Martin Ericson

By founding Box Space, Martin wanted to create a place for people with different backgrounds to connect, socialize and belong.  Whether they want a place to work everyday or just from time to time.