Learnings from a content management intership

Philip Axelsson is a student of the Content management program at Malmö Yrkeshögskola. Spending his internship here at Box Space he has had the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of things related to his education. As he is approaching the end of the program, he is now looking for new challenges working as a content manager. Let’s get to know him and see what he has learned!

Why did you choose to study content management?

It seemed like an interesting thing to study and so right in time. I have always been interested in new technology and media and I could see myself working with marketing in the future. I enjoy the variety of the creative process and also like to be involved in the analysis and strategy thinking.

What have you been doing during your internship at Box Space?

A lot of different things. I have been creating content for Box Space’s social media channels, such as video editing and writing blog articles. I have been doing web analysis, SEO and web design. I have also been practicing within e-commerce for Unistore, a company selling student related merchandise online. I helped them setting up new collections with product images, product descriptions etc.

Are you looking for an internship related to marketing, content production or ecommerce? Email a short presentation of yourself to inbox@boxspacemalmo.com

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m pretty good at enjoying the good life when I have some free time. Just take it easy and spend time with the people I care about: my girlfriend, my family and friends. Most preferably over a nice dinner but, like most people do, travelling is also something I love to do.

Philip Axelsson is studying content management at Malmö Yrkeshögskola and is doing his internship at Box Space Coworking Malmö.

Philip Axelsson is studying content management at Malmö Yrkeshögskola and is doing his internship at Box Space Coworking Malmö.

What is your favourite place to visit in Malmö?

That would probably be Ribersborgsstranden on a warm summer day. During the winter time I would say Biograf Spegeln, and their small theatre where they have a bar and serve you food during the movie. It’s really nice!

What are your plans for the future? Is there anything specific that you would like to work with?

For now I just want to graduate from my education and get my career going. Wherever that might be doesn't really matter. At this moment I’m more of a generalist than a specialist. That is something I want to change and become a really good specialist within a specific field. I just haven’t figured out in what yet. Time will tell!