The First Year Birthday Party

On the 1st of June 2017, Box Space was opened based on the vision of a box to fill with people with different professions, backgrounds and dreams but with the common desire to have a place to work, to socialize and to belong. One year later, we had good reasons to gather our members and friends to celebrate with a big birthday party!

Today, we are a blended community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. We’ve been hosting visits, workshops, investor pitching events, had collaborations with a number of partners, held inspirational workspace tours, hosted events and parties and yes, we have even hosted a workout class. Now and then, we have been working on our laptops too :)

On top of this, as ”icing on cake” so to say, we’ve been voted ”Best co-working space in Malmö 2018” in the Member’s Choice Awards on The award proves not only that Box Space is a great place to work but also that we have a fantastic community of engaged and caring co-workers.

The theme for the night was ”summery and yellow” and what a success! Have a look at all the pictures from the party on our Facebook page and don't miss the group picture at the end! 

Thank you to everybody who came to celebrate this day and a special thanks to and our photographer Hanna who helped us eternalize these amazing memories. 

If you're looking for a place to work, to be inspired and to belong in Malmö, come have a look at our space and meet our members. We’ll be happy to show you around! ⟶